The Game of Scrabble has been played for many years as a family game in Zambia. It ranked alongside games such as Chess and Monopoly. In the 80s, an effort was made to try and introduce organised scrabble in Zambia. In 1987, a national tournament was played and it was won by Enias Njobvu. The effort however soon died.

In 1994, a renewed effort to introduce organised scrabble in Zambia was made. To this effect, a national tourney was yet organised and many provinces participated. This tournament was won by Patrick Mpundu. However this effort failed yet again.

In the year 1996, the representative of central province in the 1994 tournament, Paul Kalumba, relocated to the capital city Lusaka, in Lusaka Province.He soon located Patrick Mpundu (the reigning champion then) and other players for friendly games. By year 2000, Paul Kalumba organised and paid for the Registration of the Scrabble Association of Zambia (SAZ). Paul became the first president of the association. The first national championship was held in 2000 and Paul Kalumba emerged winner. Since then Kalumba has won teh National title in 2001,02, 03, 05 and 2006. In 2004, Mwenya Munkonge became the president of SAZ. He in the same year dethroned Kalumba to become the new national champion. He however enjoyed the helm for a year and Kalumba reclaimed the title the following year.

On the International scene, Kalumba has represented Zambia at the USA 2001 (, Malaysia 2003( and UK 2005 ( World Scrabble Championships. He has also played in many African countries including SA, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

The SAZ is currently (2006) led by Kelvin Sikazwe. The SAZ has a website which has been relatively dormant.